Sustainable Building & Remodeling

Green remodeling means incorporating sustainable, durable, and healthy design into the renovation of existing homes. Energy efficiency is the most popular reason why people choose building green with their remodel, and Noblit Didier has both the knowledge and experience to do it right.

Why build green?

  • Increased energy efficiency can offset the monthly costs of a home equity loan by dramatically lowering utility bills.
  • Green remodeling can adapt a home to regional conditions (such as natural landscaping), provide increased comfort (such as better air quality), and make a home more durable and easier to maintain.
  • Many energy efficiency upgrades qualify for federal tax credits. Noblit Didier Design Build can help you navigate through this process. Click here to better understand your options.

What are the top ways to increase energy efficiency?



  • Consider using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that decrease the time and resources used to build. Find out more about Noblit Didier’s top choice in SIPs construction here.
  • Install appropriate insulation (such as spray foam) in area to be remodeled. (Note: Noblit Didier takes steps to ensure air quality when building with SIPs panels or spray foam.)
  • Install high-efficiency windows instead of those that merely meet the energy code.
  • Seal all exterior walls in areas being remodeled.
  • Purchase only Energy Star®-rated appliances and upgrade to a tankless water heater, if possible.
  • Insulate your duct work where you place bath fans.
  • Caulk exterior walls to provide a better seal on your home.
  • Insulate the footings on your home.
  • Install only low-flow water fixtures.
  • Minimize the amount of lumber taken from old-growth forests, by recycling from previous structures and using engineered lumber.
  • Incorporate recycled or recyclable materials into your project.
  • Use low VOC paint.
  • Purchase the highest efficiency HVAC system you can afford and make sure it is correctly sized for the area.
  • Apply foil back plywood on roof decking

How is Noblit supporting sustainable remodeling?


When we sit down for an initial conversation, we will explain all options for your home or business remodel. We’ll answer your questions and recommend the sustainable remodeling options we think are best suited to your project.

Take advantage of improved tax credits available for many energy-efficient home improvements.


The Existing Home Retrofit Tax Credit (Tax Code Section 25C): Tax credits are available at 30% of the cost, up to a $1,500 lifetime limit, for installation in 2009 & 2010 (for existing homes only) of many products and building materials. To learnmore about tax credits, click here.

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